Nature-Based Interventions

Description: Nature-based interventionsHC is an umbrella term used to describe groups, interventions or services that support individuals to improve their health and wellbeing through contact with nature and spending time in natural or semi-natural environments. Green referral, blue referral, care farming, therapeutic horticulture and ecotherapy all fall under the umbrella of nature-based interventions.

Alternative Terms: ecotherapy, nature-based activities, nature-based health promotion activities, nature- based health & wellbeing, nature-based organisations, nature-based solutions, nature prescribing, outdoor nature-based group intervention

Connected Terms: , blue referral, books on referral, community assets, Community & Voluntary Sector Organisations, creative referral, education on referral, exercise referral, green referral, signposting & active signposting, social prescribing pathway, social prescribing practitioner, welfare support referral, wellbeing.

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