Signposting and Active Signposting

Description: Active signposting is the form of signposting most commonly employed by those in a social prescribing practitioner role. Signposting is a very light touch form of social prescribing which involves simply pointing the individual in the direction of potentially useful or helpful community assets. By comparison, active signposting, which forms part of the light, medium and holistic models of social prescribing, requires the social prescribing practitioner to have a more in-depth knowledge about the individual and the available community assets so that the signpost is meaningful and relevant to the individual. This form of social prescribing works best for people who are confident and skilled enough to independently access community assets after a brief intervention.

Signposting and active signposting are also performed by a broad range of non-social prescribing roles, such as Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and existing members of staff at a practice (generally receptionists) who provide information and choice by signpost people to services, using local knowledge and resource directories.

Connected Terms: Asset mapping, care navigator, community assets, Community & Voluntary Sector Organisations, community support hubs, health facilitator, person-centred approach, referral, social prescribing, social prescribing practitioner, social prescribing models, social prescribing pathway, statutory services.

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