Social Prescribing Practitioner

Description: Social prescribing practitioner is an umbrella term that is used to describe someone who assists individuals with identifying their non-medical needs through a what matters conversation, and helps them co-produce an action plan and access local community assets, such as groups, interventions or services. If they identify a potential medical need they may also refer the individual to a GP or pharmacist. The social prescribing practitioner will work with individuals to find activities tailored to their preferences and needs, explore barriers and challenges to attending, and encourage ongoing participation. While there are preferred terms for the social prescribing practitioner role within sectors, they may also be known by a variety of terms that can be specific to the organisation in which they work. Social prescribing practitioners can be employed by a range of different organisations, such as local authorities, health boards or Community & Voluntary Sector Organisations.

Alternative Terms: Community connectorCVSO, community co-ordinatorSC, community health champion, community link officer, community links practitioner, community navigatorCVSO, facilitator, health adviser, health broker, health connectors, link co-ordinator, link workerHC, local area coordinatorSC, local asset coordinatorSC, non-medical link worker, referral agent, referral worker, referrer, social prescriber, social prescribing coordinator, social prescription officer, wellbeing advisor, wellbeing community co-ordinator, wellbeing co-ordinator, wellbeing links advisor, wellbeing worker.

Connected Terms: Action planning, asset-based approach, active signposting, asset mapping, care navigator, community assets, co-production, health facilitator, holistic, person-centred approach, referral, social prescribing models, social prescribing pathway, wellbeing, what matters conversation.

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