Description:Wellbeing is a positive state experienced by individuals and societies. Similar to health, it is a resource for daily life and is determined by social, economic and environmental conditions”. Within Wales, a person with wellbeing is defined as “happy, healthy and who is comfortable with their life and what they do”. It is a sense of health and vitality that arises from your thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences. Wellbeing services and wellbeing projects aim to facilitate and foster a sense of wellbeing though social connection and different forms of activity and intervention.

Connected Terms: Asset-based approach, buddy system, community assets, Community & Voluntary Service Organisations, co-production, holistic, person-centred approach, referral, social prescribing, social prescribing models, social prescribing outcome principles, social prescribing pathway, social prescribing practitioner, statutory services, what matters conversation.

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