Asset-Based Approach

Description: An asset-based approach involves mobilising the skills and knowledge of individuals and the connections and resources within communities and organisations, rather than focusing on problems and deficits. The approach fosters hope by shifting the focus from “what’s wrong with us” to “what’s right with us”. It assumes that, even though there may be problems, sometimes very serious ones, there are also untapped resources and capacities inherent in every individual, organisation, or community which can be put into use to improve current conditions.

Social prescribing initiatives provide an asset-based approach to addressing these challenges by facilitating people and communities to come together for positive change, tapping into their skills, knowledge, lived experiences and interests on issues they encounter in their everyday lives. The approach aims to empower individuals and, where appropriate, enables them to rely less on public services.

The term strength-based approach is sometime used interchangeably or in conjunction with asset-based approach. While the two terms are very similar, a strength-based approach describes a co-productive approach that stresses self-determination by drawing on the individuals strengths and assets. By focusing on their strengths, the individual can address their needs in a way that allows them to lead and be in control of their wellbeing.

Alternative Terms: strength-based approach, strength and asset-based approach

Connected Terms: Asset mapping, community assets, co-production, holistic, person-centred approach, social prescribing, social prescribing pathway, what matters conversation, wellbeing.

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