Exercise Referral

Description: Exercise referral, or exercise on referral, are terms used to describe the process of referral to access tailored and supervised physical activity. Exercise referral schemes are a multiagency intervention involving local primary care trusts, local councils and often voluntary and private leisure service providers. Sedentary patients with existing health problems or risk factors for future ill health are referred by general practitioners and other healthcare professionals to a programme of subsidised exercise at a local gym. The National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) is a national service hosted by Welsh Local Government Associations and run by Public Health Wales.

An exercise leader or exercise referral practitioner is a leisure services employee who works with individuals who receive socially prescribed referrals for exercise from GP surgeries.

Alternative Terms: exercise on prescriptionHC, exercise on prescription schemes, exercise referral schemes, patient-referral schemes for supervised exercise sessions, physical activity intervention, physical activity referral schemesSC

Connected Terms: Active signposting, blue referral, books on referral, community assets, Community & Voluntary Sector Organisations, creative referral, education on referral, green referral, health facilitator, nature-based interventions, practice-managed schemes, referral, social prescribing pathway, social prescribing practitioner, welfare support referral, wellbeing.

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