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Atgyfeirio Glas

Description: Blue referral is an umbrella term used to describe the referral of individuals to groups, interventions or services that supports engagement with nature-based interventions based in natural or semi-natural ‘blue’ environments, to improve their health and wellbeing. The term blue gym is used to describe a water-based environment, such as a lake or coastline, in… Read more »

Mapio Asedau

Description: Asset mapping is an essential component of social prescribing, and describes the mapping of community assets to provide an inventory and depiction of a communities resources. Asset mapping helps to ensure that the social prescribing practitioner is able to make an appropriate referral for the individual, based upon their knowledge of what community assets are… Read more »

Cyfeirio a Chyfeirio Gweithredol

Description: Active signposting is the form of signposting most commonly employed by those in a social prescribing practitioner role. Signposting is a very light touch form of social prescribing which involves simply pointing the individual in the direction of potentially useful or helpful community assets. By comparison, active signposting, which forms part of the light,… Read more »