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Social prescribing, defined in Wales as ‘connecting citizens to community support to better manage their health and well-being’ is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of interventions and levels of support that use a person-centred approach to support and empower an individual through engagement in different community-based activities. Through engagement with this process, a diverse range of factors affecting well-being such as loneliness, physical activity, or financial worries can be addressed, thereby providing the individual with increased control over their circumstances. Despite using the term ‘prescribing’ the Welsh model of social prescribing moves away from a medicalised approach, instead offering a holistic approach that is person-centred and integrates with statutory services across sectors, receiving sources of referral that are cross-sectoral and include, but are not limited to, healthcare/ primary care.


The development of the glossary of terms incorporated a scoping review, a group concept mapping (GCM) study and consultation with individuals with an interest in social prescribing (i.e. the workforce who encounter and support social prescribing and the public). The process adopted is outlined in Figure 1 below. The preregistered protocol for the scoping review, along with a list of the search terms and search engines used, as well as the data set for all the terms identified can be viewed via the following link: Glossary Database.


Wales School for Social Prescribing Research

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University of South Wales

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